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Citizen Mike Appearance: 9/2023

DATE:  9/8/23
TO:  All those interested in current events in Wallingford
FROM:  Mike Brodinsky, Producer of the Citizen Mike Show
RE:  Latest episode with Jesse Reynolds, Town Council candidate
I have released the latest episode of the Citizen Mike Show.  You
can get to it on Youtube by clicking on this link:
My guest is Jesse Reynolds, Democratic candidate for 
Town Council.
Since 2010, the Citizen Mike Show has provided information
and commentary on how and why local government
works.  With contributions from guests, primary source
documentation, and video clips from public meetings, the
Citizen Mike Show drills down beneath the superficial to get
to the bottom of what's happening in Wallingford's government.
Here is what we cover in this episode:
1.  One high school?  Or two?  Jesse Reynolds stressed
the need for all courses to be available to all students.
That led him to conclude that, although the Lyman Hall site
has issues, one high school is better academically.  He also
noted one school would probably cost less, too. So he favors
that option. (These three sentences, however, are an 
abbreviation of his full comments, To get the complete story,
therefore, you need to watch.)
2.  The old train station:  The question of how much tax money
we should put into renovating the old train station may come
up after the election.  I detect two schools of thought:  
The old train station holds the key to the lower downtown's 
re-birth so we should be liberal with our commitment and spending.  
The other school of thought holds that depending upon costs,
we should only do enough to preserve the building and address 
safety issues.  But we should not expect a renovated train station
to work miracles. Jesse leans towards the latter point of view.
3.  Choate:  Jesse would like to open a respectful dialogue
with Choate in an effort to convince it to assist the town more
with respect to the use of its facilities --- athletic fields, perhaps,
and its ice rink. He's not looking for a check.
Thanks for watching the Citizen Mike Show.  Your
constructive feedback is always welcome.
To discontinue these notices, email me at 
Mike Brodinsky


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Jesse Reynolds for Town Council,
Kristi Doerr, Treasurer

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Jesse Reynolds
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